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Are you curious about how you can change your life?
Deepen your relationships?
Feel more through your senses?
Understand the changes of your world?
Heal your self limiting patterns?

You're in the right place.



Live a Life of Magic

About Us

Hello Sensual Soul, I'm Kelsey Isis & I will be your guide.


I wish to introduce you to my "why"...

I started my journey of Divine Embodiment with the astrological shifts in 2012. It was a time of great change on our planet. Higher access to the astral realms became available. I entered what I now know to be a "dark night of the soul". I had always known I was "different", connected to the stars & nature, spirits, the witches of my ancestors, and magic in my daily life ~ yet this was a whole new wave of knowing. Astrology and intuitive guidance helped me to make sense of myself in the collective. I also started a nomadic lifestyle to gain perspective of the world and others by traveling. The open road brought me the freedom to dive deep within my soul to learn how to access my gifts... As I started my jewelry business, I had an energy work session and my Higher Self came in loud and clear, "Share your Unconditional Love - This is your "thing". This is your Gift. Stop searching." -- So, with some shock and tears, I listened.

Enter dance, yoga teacher training in India, meditation, art, & a trips to Egypt. (ok, ok, I'm paraphrasing- but you get the idea)

I realized the magnetism of this life and my purpose.

Isis came to me and reminded me of the Love in the Sacred Union represented in the Self.

Embodied in the frequency of the Golden Rose.

The Universal signature of Truth. 


Contact Us

The Golden Rose Codes

Salt Lake City, Utah


IG: @thegoldenrosecodes

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We honor each message, with Gratitude & Love!!

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