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March 2023 is the turning point we have all been waiting for.

My mission is help the evolution of the consciousness of humanity and this monthly membership is my offering to make it fun and interactive!


We will be deep diving into the wisdom of astrology and how to work with the cosmos to co-create our reality. Think of the planets as elder guides... they have been dancing with our planet Earth for billions of years. Think of all the stories they can tell you!


Embodiment is the key to integration ~ and it often gets looked over in our fast paced lifestyle. Support and accountability helps to form a new fun way to alchemize our energy to get to the gold of our lives!

𓂀 Downloadable calendar each month.

𓂀 LIVE Astrology Integration Call

𓂀 LIVE Cosmic Circle Chat + Q&A

𓂀 2 LIVE Ceremonies for New Moon - Breath Work

& Full Moon - SYNERGY Movement workshop

𓂀 Private Telegram Group Chat 

*Recordings available for all events

Monthly Membership

  • Cosmic Collective

    Every month
    A delicious support circle for this shift in consciousness!
    • Monthly Astrology Calendar
    • New & Full Moon Ceremonies
    • Monthly Circle Call - Live on Zoom
    • Option for In-Person Events
    • Dance, Embodiment, Breath Work, Astrology, Ascension
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